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Greg’s Bio

Greg began practicing meditation over 15 years ago to relieve stress and combat negative health issues. His inner journey led him on a path of self-discovery and personal growth. Being an entrepreneur and self-motivated he began to study meditation, breathing techniques and mindfulness. He attended seminars, workshops and weekend retreats. He read books, listened to audio books and met with others who practiced meditation. He became a full-fledged “closet meditator”. He was enjoying the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, but did not discuss his new found passion outside his close circle of friends.

That was until 2005 when Greg decided to share his story openly with others.chakra_dvd_case1 He was now running a successful finance company, but somehow still found the time to meditate an hour a day and continued to experience tremendous benefit from it. He took a series of courses through the American Institute of Health Care Professionals and became a Certified Meditation Instructor. He launched his website “” and now leads classes and workshops at Fortune 500 companies including Cisco, Yahoo!, SanDisk, VISA and Google, as well as assisting private clients with stress management and well-being. He runs a free weekly community meditation program in Los Gatos, California which is attended each week by over 50 participants.

His first book “The Light Within – Meditation for Spiritual Growth” was The Light Within by Greg de Vries, Meditation Coachrecently published and is available from his website and His home study course entitled “Practical Meditation” recently became available. He also has many guided meditation products available for download on iTunes and In 2010 Greg was given the honor of joining the Advisory Board for the American Institute of Health Care Professionals. He now travels to conferences and corporations as a public speaker sharing his wisdom and passion for meditation and mindfulness-based stress reduction.

For more information or to book Greg as a speaker or workshop leader at yourPractical Meditation by Greg de Vries next event, please contact Greg at greg [at]